Flight Planning System


FLIPS is a comprehensive flight planning system (more info) highly integrated within the IC2ARUS system. The main features of the system are:

  • Easy, fast and user-friendly route and landing planning.
  • Online calculation of route and performance.
  • 2-dimension multi flight route simulation.
  • Production of material for the cockpit including flight Folders and/or flight data file that may be transferred to a Data Transfer Device (DTD) to be uploaded to the aircraft’s onboard computer.
  • 3-dimension flight visual rehearsal.
  • Object editor for maintaining FLIPS DB objects.
  • Real time Situation awareness displays (weather, INTEL, Bird Avoidance Model, ECHUM, etc)
  • DAFFIF support

FLIPS is an ODOS (Operational Distributed Object System) based system thus inheriting all distinct advantages of ODOS innovative framework. It can operate in the IC2ARUS environment, sharing information of the flight itself, the aircraft involved in the flight and its configuration. In addition, FLIPS has a standalone (off-line) mode of operation. The standalone mode enables the user to plan a flight, which is not connected to any specific Flight Order.

The complete functionality is encapsulated in the following software packages, each one providing automated support in the respective activity area:

  • Flight Planning (Core) software package: Includes all functionality required for route and landing planning.
  • Interfacing System (MAXIS) software package: Includes the interfacing system for exchanging information with other systems.

FLIPS provide the following major functions:

  • Flights Repository Management
  • Geographic Background management
  • Route & Landing Planning
  • 2d flight Simulation
  • 3d flight Visualization
  • Terrain analysis
  • Cockpit material production