Integrated Command & Control Aviation Reliability Upgrading System



IC2ARUS is an integrated ERP and Decision Support system (more info) for the intensive activities of any aircraft or helicopter unit, providing automation to Operations, Training and Maintenance. It contains all the necessary applications and tools for:

  • effectively manage all available resources,
  • monitor risk of missions and other critical operational factors,
  • enforce standards, procedures and restrictions,
  • intelligently support planning & scheduling and
  • flexibly communicate with external systems

allowing geographically dispersed squadron personnel to manage all available information required for day-to-day operations, while real time rule enforcing and risk monitoring provides the capability for on time decision making.


IC2ARUS is an ODOS (Operational Distributed Object System) based system thus inheriting all the distinct advantages of this innovative framework.

 The complete functionality is encapsulated in the following software packages, each one providing automated support in the respective activity area:

  •   Operations (OPS) software package: Includes all the software subsystems required in the Operations area, for peace and wartime.
  •   Maintenance Logistics Management (MLM) software package: Includes all the additional software required for peacetime aircraft maintenance activities.
  •   Flight Planning System (FLIPS) software package: Includes the Flight Planning subsystem for peace and wartime mission planning..
  •   Interfacing System (MAXIS) software package: Includes the Interfacing subsystem for exchanging information with other systems.

Functional Areas

IC2ARUS supports the following three major activity areas within a Fighter Squadron:

  • Wartime/Crisis Squadron Management (OPS & A/C Maintenance)
  • Peacetime OPS & Training Management
  • Peace Time Maintenance Management (Logistics)

IC2ARUS provides specialized tools for generating the Aviation Unit’s Schedule, which can include flights (both training and operational), flight simulator, ground duties related to flight execution, ground training, other activities affecting flight execution etc. With regard to training, the system provides automated support for the complete spectrum of activities required by personnel training cycle.

IC2ARUS provides automating support and tools for the efficient management of the Aviation Unit’s Maintenance in the following areas:

  • Resource Management
  • Aircraft Configuration
  • Request Management
  • Maintenance Activities Management
  • Maintenance Activities Planning


Flight planning is provided by FLIPS (an additional software package), which is a comprehensive flight planning system highly integrated within the IC2ARUS system.

The main features of the system are:

  • Easy, fast and user-friendly route and landing planning.
  • Online calculation of route and performance.
  • 2-dimension multi flight route simulation.
  • Production of material for the cockpit including flight Folders and/or flight data file that may be transferred to a Data Transfer Device (DTD) to be uploaded to the aircraft’s onboard computer.
  • 3-dimension flight visual rehearsal.
  • Object editor for maintaining FLIPS DB objects.
  • Real time Situation awareness displays (weather, INTEL, Bird Avoidance Model, ECHUM, etc)
  • DAFFIF support


MAXIS is a Business-to-Business Communication and Data Exchange system capable of interfacing any informational system to one or more informational systems of the same or different kind.

MAXIS is an ODOS (Operational Distributed Object System) based system thus inheriting all distinct advantages of ODOS innovative framework.