Modular Adaptive XML Interfacing System


MAXIS is a Business-to-Business Communication and Data Exchange system capable of interfacing any informational system to one or more informational systems of the same or different kind.

MAXIS is an ODOS (Operational Distributed Object System) based system thus inheriting all distinct advantages of ODOS innovative framework.

Interfacing is a message based operation built around the “Interface Item” object which is the main unit of exchanged data. The interfaced systems themselves are not required to be ODOS based.

MAXIS use an ODOS Server (internally or externally) for its internal data store and configuration.

Data are being translated to partner’s schema via “Dynamic Translator” objects encapsulating code in C#, VB or any other .NET language, or “XML Translator” objects encapsulating XSLT based transformations while Controlling and Monitoring of the interfacing activity is done by manipulating “Control” objects.

Some of the main features are:

  • Legacy System Independency and Generic structure
    • DB, OO or other NATIVE API
    • Data Format Decoupling
    • Multiple XSD Schemas
    • XSLT Transformations
    • Dynamic Data Set Transformations
  • Deployment Flexibility
    • Auto Session Negotiating
    • Session/-less Connections
    • Synch/Asynch Transaction Modes
    • Push/Pull Initiation Method
    • Layered Configuration & Control
    • Autonomous and Supervised operation
  • Operational Flexibility
    • Multi-Session system (Simultaneous transactions with different systems)
    • Individual Session Control and Configuration (System-to-System)
    • Multi-Request system (Simultaneous transactions with a system)
    • Individual Interface Item Control and Configuration within a session (start, pause, resume, modify, stop)
  • Additional Features
    • Authentication, Encryption, Compression
    • Data Caching and Delta Transfer (Only the updated values travel)
    • MSMQ (Microsoft Message Queuing)