Refurbishement of owned building (ex General Warehouses) in Piraeus and conversion to officespace and Trade centre

Construction of shopping and leisure center TALOS PLAZA in Crete

Industrial plant construction property of MILTECH HELLAS SA

Construction of new office building for THALES ELECTRONICS SYSTEMS in Koropi

Extpansion and refurbishment of buildings at Alexandroupolis Airport Terminal “Demokritos”

Construction works for the hosting of  KC 135 aircraft at ELEFSIS airport (E-290N)

Construction of road at old National Highway (Lamia-Larisa, Domokos area)

Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS) modernization projects, within the context of the Olympic 2004 Games

Construction of cottages in the islands of Skiathos & Zakynthos

Construction of office and apartment buildings in Athens