Automatic Fire Thermal Detection

Automatic detection, location through thermal image

  • Faedo offers the most efficient solution for the surveillance, automatic detection, location and monitoring of Forest Fires.
  • Is based on Intelligent Lookouts that constantly analyze the environment identifying the fire and studying its evolution.
  • The Control Center integrates all the information of the system and the external data available.
faedo system

Main components

  • Thermal sensor:  uncooled sensor, high performance and low maintenance. Installed on a pan and tilt movement system. Interchangeable optics.
  • Visible camera: independent movement, low luminosity and high optic zoom, from 37x .
  • Meteorologic station: real time analisys of temperature, humidity, direction and speed of the wind. GPS and compass for higher precision in the measurements .
  • Process and control system: SW included to analyze the image and control the equipment.
  • Lookout:10 & 20 m  autosupported tower with anti-vandalism system. Possibility of using existing infrastructures.
  • Control Center: Equipment and necessary software for the remote control of each detection lookout and fire management.
faedo camera
faedo camera on building


  • Low power consumption. Use of renewable energies.
  • Adaptable to multiple communication systems, even GSM communications.
  • 100% remote control system: operation, configuration, updates and tests.
  • Design of a customized detection solution through previous terrain studies.
  • Integrable with automatic smoke plume detection system
faedo architecture


  • Continuous working 24 h/ 365 days
  • Day and night detection even under adverse weather conditions such as fog.
  • Highly reliable: minimum number of false alarms
  • Analyzing speed up to 360o in less than two minutes.
  • Detection range up to 15km
  • Precise location through georeferenced image without triangulation.
  • Real time fire front and extinguishing works monitoring.
  •  Authomatic and manual working.
faedo box