Construction Engineering Scope

ATESE S.A. operates in the following sectors:


Public & Private Construction


Holding a 5th grade government license, the company is active in all sectors of Civil, Hydraulic, Port, Electromechanical, Energy – Industrial and Road Projects. ATESE is staffed with highly specialized engineers aiming to meet all needs in the construction fields, whilst disposing well organized and equipped teams in all areas of project works.  The company also collaborates with the most valuable consulting offices in order to meet all project consulting requirements. ATESE has the appropriate infrastructure for the in-time and excellent quality project implementation while holding extensive experience having performed complex and specialized projects.


Real Estate & Development


The company has great experience and relevant expertise in the evaluation and development of investment plans and major investment projects in real estate (commercial and otherwise) sector, having implemented major projects in this context. Acting as a Real Estate Investor, ATESE has implemented large residential projects in proprietary and non-proprietary sites offering both residences (urban and rural) and high quality apartments for sale or exploitation. With environmental awareness and adherence to modern requirements and standards, ATESE ensures that all projects are environmental friendly, aiming at energy optimization.


Facility Management & Maintenance


ATESE has the experience and all necessary infrastructures to meet all requirements and to deploy integrated management systems (Facility Management) of commercial and non-commercial properties and general facilities.