Defense & Security Systems Scope

Defense & Security Systems is a software production and service providing division of ATESE S.A., aiming to be a valuable partner in efforts to achieve overall satisfaction of customers in the area of real time, real world, and real situations command & control systems.

A thorough understanding of the special requirements of this area of problem domain is essential, so the division is investing on people with years of experience in defense and highly demanding environments and also on well established methodologies and processes of information technology.

Build around the extensive accumulated experience and skills of its members, the division is dedicating to provide innovative operational products & services fo

  • Command & Control Systems
  • Security Systems
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Intelligent ERP System’s Framework
  • Systems Interfacing/Interconnectivity


  • Aviation & Maritime
  • Defense & Security, Risk & Crisis Management
  • Energy Production & Distribution
  • Environmental Manageme

The division’s business philosophy: “Commitment to customer satisfaction by using Innovation to achieve Flexibility, Performance & Quality while enforcing Security & Safety”.


The division is targeting the following major product and service areas in the near future:

  • Development and Support of Integrated Command & Control, Fleet Management, Cri­sis Management, Security Management and other special requirements Systems,
  • Development and Support of Innovative Software Components for intelligent, special requirements ERP, Security & Information Exchange Systems,
  • Customization and Integration of Components in larger Command & Control Systems,
  • Customization and Deployment of 3rd party Command & Control Systems and/or Components,
  • Distribution and Exploitation of Real Time Situation Awareness Broadband Content, and
  • Management and/or Participation in Defense or other highly demanding IT Projects