Forest Fire Protection System

Forest Fire Protection System is an integrated and scalable system based on ArcFIRE technology that uses several kinds of sensors such as cameras and meteorological stations for complete surveillance of the area of interest. It is an adjustable and open-architecture system that covers a wide range of customer needs.

ArcFIRE is a scalable, modular and customizable technology geo-platform that provides management solutions for the four stages of the forest Fire (FF) Life-Cycle which are:

  • Awareness to minimize FF impacts to the environment and people as a result of operations made “prior to a fire”
  • Emergency to assist planners, decision makers and fire fighters in their mission “during the fire”
  • Impacts to assess & quantify environmental, economic & social Impacts “after the fire”

Dissemination to provide information on international best practices and on “lessons learned” from past fire events

Forest Fire Protection System Technology

Forest Fire Protection System Technology
  • High Technology Sensing Systems (IP PTZ dome day/night monitor cameras, Wireless Sensor Networks and Meteo Stations).
  • Provides 24-hour forest monitoring via IP PTZ dome day/night monitor cameras
  • Addresses to Desktop or Web users (mobile & fixed).
  • Incorporates high accuracy meteorological Forecasts to provide simulations of Fire Front Evolution.
  • Provides geo-databases with all the “Static Data” (e.g. fuel map, terrain) & “Dynamic Data” (meteorological maps).
  • Fuel Model Maps fully scalable to include future extensions.
  • Employs Hybrid satellite and ground communications (GSM, 3G) for 100%.
  • Coverage of the operation Area even under extreme conditions.
  • Provides Fire Propagation Modelling.

Forest Fire Protection System Installation in Seih-Sou

In order to provide turn-key solutions ATESE cooperates with EPSILON Group who is leading in ICT/GIS Technologies linked to Environmental Sciences with history since 1985.


Seih-Sou Forest Fire Protection System operation has been partially initiated in March 2010 in Seih-Sou Forest, Thessaloniki, Greece and covers an area of 27 km2. The system includes 16 IP PTZ dome camera (Bosch), 3 meteorological stations, wi-fi wireless network, central computer network equipped with GIS s/w, 16 IP telephones, 1 laptop & 6 PDAs.

How it works?

All the collected data from cameras and meteorological stations are transferred to the control centre through the wireless network. The data is at this point displayed and processed by GIS applications for operational purposes and selected data is distributed to web users. IP phones obtain the communication between each camera node and the control centre. Additionally the 6 PDAs and the laptop obtain the communication between the mobile users and control centre through GSM network.

What does it offer?

  • Monitoring and detecting the (x,y) of fire burst.
  • Risks analyses.
  • FF spatial & temporal evolution forecasting.
  • Dynamical operations coordination & vehicles routing.
  • GSM notification to forest visitors & local population.
  • Dynamic post-fire flood-risks.
  • Post fire lessons & a forest rescue plan
Forest Fire Protection System Antenna Base