ATESE S.A. has a basic principle and commitment to ensure the health and safety of all those, who are involved in its activities, in full compliance with the relevant legislative and regulatory provisions. In this context, an integrated Occupational Health and Safety System has been developed and implemented, which fully meets the requirements of ISO 45001.

The Management of the company, through regular and urgent meetings, identifies and ensures the availability of the required resources for the proper operation of the System and, at the same time, sets measurable, objective goals for occupational health & safety, which it constantly checks to ensure, on the one hand, the adequacy, effectiveness and continuous improvement of the System and, on the other hand, the appropriateness of this Policy.


Especially, ATESE S.A. commits:

  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions
  • To take measures in order to prevent accidents and diseases at work
  • To comply with all the legal and other requirements, regarding health & safety at work
  • To determine purposes, goals and programs, which are reviewed systematically, seeking the continuous and further improvement of its performance in health & safety matters at work
  • To cooperate with entities, entrusted with health & safety at work,
  • To have the appropriate means to apply the best available techniques, when this is feasible,
  • To ensure that the staff is aware of their responsibilities, in accordance with the registered Health & Safety System, as well as being aware of health & safety issues,
  • The consultation and the participation of the employee or through the employee representatives
  • To eliminate and to reduce the health and safety risks at work
  • To improve continuously the health and safety management system
  • To communicate the policy to its employees, business partners and to its social environment.


Panagiotis Choumpavlis

President of the Board