Operating Standards

Advanced manaegability of project and product lifecycle

Taking into account the demanding targeted market area together with its commitment to innovation, the company has set the standards for its day to day operation and partnership philosophy, in order to achieve a clear and distinctive advantage for its end customers, by investing to project & production management methodologies & tools but most significantly to division personnel (as described in later paragraphs).



When providing services, the selected project & production management methodologies & tools provide the capability to operate efficiently to:


  • Work & Collaborate closely with the partners.
  • Believe and invest in long-term relationships.
  • Gain knowledge, insight and understanding of customers’ working environment, situations and needs through close relationships with them.
  • Develop and design systems and products specifically for use in extreme mission-critical environments and situations where human lives and valuable assets are at stake.
  • Accumulate experience in sophisticated and complex programs involving development and integration.
  • Target expertise in efficient program-management and follow-up activities.

Software Production


Software production is key activity of the company, specializing for certain demanding requirements. To achieve this goal the production methodologies were built around the following key policies:


  • Transparent Engineering Project Management
  • End to end Requirement Traceability
  • Development with unit tests, code coverage, profiling, and build automation
  • Effective bug reporting and bug assessment
  • Increased Quality Assurance
  • Multidimensional, daily metrics to maintain project flow and enable estimation
  • Continuous Stakeholders engagement