Ornithological Radar Systems & Technologies

ATESE S.A is the representative company of DeTect Inc in the Greek market.  De Tect is the world leader in development, deployment and support of bird radars for aircraft birdstrike avoidance, avian risk assessment and environmental protection with over 80 systems installed worldwide to date.

ATESE S.A in cooperation with DeTect can provide turn key solutions for a variety of implementations and installations concerning bird radar systems (i.e. installations for wind farms, airports etc) in order to serve multiple purposes

DeTect radar products include:

  • Aircraft birdstrike avoidance radars
  • Avian survey & mortality risk mitigation radars
  • Bird control radar systems
  • Airspace & marine surveillance radars
  • Aircraft detection, surveillance & gap filler radars
  • VWS Automatic Obstruction Lighting Radar Systems
  • NEXRAD environmental data products & networks
  • Boundary layer & Tropospheric radar wind profilers

Expert application solutions include:

  • Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) management
  • Airfield & industrial bird & wildlife risk assessment & control
  • Wind farm project bird/bat impact assessment & risk mitigation
  • Wind measurement & operational monitoring
  • Radar system solutions, engineering, design & development
  • Data analysis & Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Aircraft Ornithological Radars

Avian Radar System


Birdstrikes pose a significant safety hazard to aviation – aircraft loss and damage, out-of-service delays and lost lives.

DeTect’s MERLIN Aircraft Birdstrike Avoidance Radar system is the most advanced, proven and widely used bird radar technology available for bird-aircraft strike hazard (BASH) management and for real-time detection and tracking of hazardous bird activity at commercial airports, military airfields, and military training and bombing ranges.

Avian Radar System

The MERLIN™ Avian Radar System is the most capable, proven and widely used bird radar system available for conducting bird and bat surveys, mortality risk analysis, and migratory studies, and for long-term and operational monitoring and mitigation of risks.

MERLIN technology capabilities include:

  • Risk assessments for siting of new projects & expansions of existing sites
  • Migratory bird & bat studies & research
  • Habitat assessment & use analysis
  • Monitoring & control of operating sites
  • Mortality risk assessment & mitigation planning
  • Bird and bat mortality mitigation