ATESE S.A. is committed to the following: 

  • The services/products that we provide to our customers, should fully satisfy and cover their requirements, as well as the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements and the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.
  • The orders/contracts with our customers should be carried out exactly as agreed and the Company should fulfill all its obligations and especially those that are related to the protection of the
  • To maintain the goal for continuous and complete satisfaction of the
  • To define purposes, goals and programs, which are systematically reviewed, pursuing the continuous and further improvement of our efficiency in matters of Environmental Management protection and in matters of Quality Management
  • To use natural resources (raw materials, energy, ) in the most efficient and responsible way,
  • To have the appropriate means to apply the best available techniques, to the maximum possible level
  • To communicate our Quality and Environment policy to the employees, the business partners and the social
  • The immediate response to the requests and problems of our customers/partners.
  • The protection of the
  • The continuous improvement of our environmental services and the prevention of
  • The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, the Environmental Management System, as well as the improvement of the Company’s
  • To comply with the Environmental Legislation and to implement all the applicable legislative requirements, as well as the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.


For the implementation of the Quality and Environment Policy, the Company operates with the following principles:

Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and fully informed about the applied Unified Management System (UMS) of the Company and about the goals / indicators that have been set, including the environmental goals and objectives.

  • As a company, we set goals, we provide the required resources in order to achieve them and the results, of the statistical analysis that we do, are analyzed in the context of our continuous effort to improve products and services, which are provided to our customers and also to protect the environment
  • The company provides proper training to its personnel as well as the appropriate equipment and infrastructure, in order to perform the tasks, which are assigned to them, as well as appropriate training, regarding the environmental impacts that may potentially arise from their work.
  • The Company has appointed an Administrative System Process Manager, who has the organizational independence and jurisdiction to ensure that the UMS is applied and in cases, when it is required, to take the corresponding corrective
  • The suppliers, with whom we cooperate, should respect the Company’s commitments to its customers and its parties, but also to take into account the protection of the
  • The Company has identified and documented the critical processes, that are related to health & safety issues and environmental protection, which are implemented by all the employees, as evidenced by the record,
  • The staff and the external partners (when it is required) are obliged to implement the Unified Management System that falls under their field of activities.

The strategic goals of the Company are defined as follows:

  • High level performance on investments, which come from the operation of the Company,
  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements, concerning the protection of the environment and its operation,
  • Continuous Improvement of the Company and its offered services / products
  • Competitive products and services
  • Ensuring the continuity and availability of the services / products
  • Continuous observation of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the operations, based on objectives and indicators
  • Sustainable management of the resources (such as saving, reusing, recycling),
  • Full cooperation with entities, entrusted with the environmental protection
  • Prevention of pollution,
  • Protection of biodiversity and ecosystems,
  • Limiting the consequences of the climate change.

For the Company

Panagiotis Choumpavlis

President of the Board


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