The company’s Management has developed its Road Safety Policy with a focus on safety in the handling of company vehicles


“ATESE SA” through the Road Safety Policy is committed to:


  • In taking the necessary measures to comply with the legal requirements related to the road safety of employees.
  • Taking the necessary measures to comply with the legal requirements related to the operation of the company.
  • To carry out all the necessary preventive actions in order to minimize the risks.
  • At the disposal of all the necessary resources to safeguard the safety of employees.
  • In full coverage of all the requirements of the ISO 39001:2012 standard.
  • In the development of conditions of mutual trust and cooperation with its suppliers.
  • Continuous monitoring of vehicle developments.
  • Effectively dealing with and meeting the existing and projected needs of education, training and specialization of the company’s employees.
  • At the disposal of the necessary resources to maintain and improve the efficiency of the company’s Road Safety System.
  • The ability to collect operation and performance results in order to set goals, the achievement of which is reviewed at regular intervals.


The tool through which the company implements, controls and adjusts, whenever required, its Road Safety Policy is the Road Safety Management System it has developed and implements.


The validity and recognition of the Road Safety System is achieved through its certification by an Independent Certification Body according to the international standard ISO 39001:2012.


For the implementation of the Road Safety Policy, “ATESE SA” considers it necessary the active participation of employees in the observance, development and documentation of all procedures provided for by the Road Safety Management System. All employees in the company contribute to the effective implementation of the Road Safety system and also to its improvement.


The Road Safety policy is communicated to all staff.