ATESE S.A. is amongst the most growing companies in Greece

About us


Under the full name “A.T.E.S.E. Engineering Commercial Consulting Shipping Hotel Societe Anonyme – Private Security Services Company”, ATESE SA is a 100% Greek interest and was established in May 1998.


The company operates dynamically in the following sectors:

  • Defense, Security Systems
  • Consulting & High-Tech projects,
  • Domestic industrial participation obligations of our customers,
  • Offsets Project Management Construction in Public and Private Sector,
  • Real estate development, exploitation & utilization
  • Facility management and maintenance
  • Renewable Energy Sources
  • Public & private  participation co-financed projects.


The company by being active in the above areas and having adequate infrastructure in human resources and equipment performed and performs a wide range of projects and contracts, has gained much experience in the above activities and has the potential to:

  • Serve the most demanding needs in the areas of Defense & Security Systems, High-Tech projects by providing consulting services, high level of expertise and excellent results,
  • Meet the highest requirements in the assessment, construction and property management, according to modern requirements and specifications,
  • Produce public and private technical projects with excellent quality results,
  • Ensure the requirements and procedures involved in organizing and implementing co-financed projects,
  • Is active in the fields of Renewable Energy, continuously expanding its participation,
  • Establish the conditions for expansion into new activities following the contemporary needs, thus continuously enriching its portfolio.


Main feature of ATESE SA activities are the commitment to basic principles are the focus of people, the environment and customer satisfaction, serving the needs combined with the functionality and aesthetics of the product.